Quest for the Elusive Asteroid

At the moment I am looking for pictures of asteroids that produce gems or Precious metals.


There have been quite a few developements in the Asteroid world as of late. David Braben has given us some insight into the nature of asteroids.

These are the main points he made that will help you in your asteroid hunting.

My Mining Page also has relevent infomation.


As of late I have been searching for asteroids in FFE. I think I hyperspaced into a system with a lot surrounding me, but this was in my early days and I cant trust my memory. It seems as Asteroids can only be found by randomly hyperspacing into systems, but I could be wrong.

Here are Three pictures of an Asteroid sent to me by Tamas Varga

If you want to check out the Asteroids yourself, take a look at the Savegame (Thanks to Tamas)

These Asteroids were all found within sight of the hyperspace cloud at the system CD-37 15492. (0,0)


Here are two pictures (of many) sent to me recently. There seems to be two type of shootable asteroid (not asteroidal bodies) The intro type on the left and the round type on the right Waackwa A,B (?,?). I would like to thank the person who sent them to me.

Thanks to the work of Ian Mortimer I have some more pictures of Asteroids for you.


Here you can see both the sperical asteroids and also the "cigar" shaped asteroid. According to Ian the cigar asteroids are more likely to give out precious metals and gems so keep a look out for them, and happy mining


Landing on an asteroid

I didnt think it was possible but Emre Gunduz sent me some emails with thier ship landed on an asteriod. It seems like it is only possible to land on the round asteroids not the dumbell shaped ones.

Emre provided me with a saved game showing the ship landed on an asteriod. Its wierd, your ship stays still and the asteriod spins underneath you. I managed to take a screenshot, so here it is.



That little brown area in the middle is Emres Constrictor.

If you would like to try the save game out yourself you can Download it here




Send me your asteroid pictures at

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