This is what GAMETEK wanted you to believe (Right up untill they recalled FFE from the shops). Sadly this is not the case Here is a list of all the Bugs I know of in FFE if you know of any more e-mail


Bug Workaround


Annoyance Factor
Cant Save In the 28th saving place Save Past Bad Programming Low
Missles hit your own ship. Use Time compression 3 Missles dont get away quickly enough and hit your ship Medium
Cant see out of the back of my Gyr None (There should be some way you can hack this) The Gyr's back screen is inside the hull Medium/High
I shoot my own Griffin Carrier on Turret None (You can add turrets by hacking so why not change their position?) The Griffin's Turret Fires inside the hull. Medium/High
My assaination target is not there Go back to another save game Starbase is full so target cannot show up. High
The game freezes for no reason (err) Go back to another save game Bad Programming??? High
My Thargoid cargo space is stuffed Try not saving untill you have reached a base and stocked up on shields No beta testing Medium
Cant rotate the star map Take out your Joystick. FFE was never designed for a stick and cant handle one Not designed for J-stick Low
I take a mission and there are no bases in the system. Go back a save and dont take that mission. Bad Programming??? Low
I hit the planet when I am landing in autopilot Use Full Time Acceleration Some Bases are actually below the surface of the planet, not enough beta testing Low
You get -1 passengers on my passenger list, so you cant sell your ship. (thanks to Philip for this one) Pick up a passenger to sell your ship! Bad Programming??? Medium

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