This list explains the uses of all the equipment in FFE the size and the average cost
FFE Equipment List
Name Size Average Cost Comments
XB74 Proximity Mine 1t 27C Useless, dont even bother
KL760 Homing Missle 1t 45C The bare minimum missle, might as well go to the smart missle very prone to ECM Systems
LV111 Smart Missile 1t 63C A lower-midrange missle
NN500 Naval Missle 1t 90C Is resistant to normal ECM
MV1 Assault Missle 1t 117C The best missle to have bar one
MV2 Assault Missle 1t 144C Buy lots of these if you have money
Missle Viewer 0t 45C Interesting to look at the path of your missle but not really essential at all
Auto Targetter 0t 72C Targets ships automatically, Helps much in space battles
Chaff Dispenser 1t 72C Stops Missles, but you need chaff, More expensive then ECM in the long run
Auto Refueller 1t 90C Not needed on small ships, But essential on larger ships as they use more fuel
Atmospheric Sheilding 1t 180C Prevents you blowing up as you enter/leave an atmosphere, Don't leave home without it
Navigation Computer 0t 162C Essential if you want to find a starport, with the added bonus of not using cargo space
Combat Computer 0t 270C A good conversation piece, but useless in combat, don't bother
Laser Cooling Booster 1t 360C Handy if you are using anything bigger then a 1MW Beam Laser
Cargo Bay Life Support 1t 540C My slaves turned into fertiliser twice until I realised I needed this
Scanner 1t 630C Useful in combat to see where your enimies are.
1MW Pulse Laser 1t 810C Only really good for self defence, or as a token weapon on those long trading missions
Radar Mapper 1t 900C If you want that bounty from your kills you need this to get it
ECM System 2t 1080C Using this you can destroy the most basic missles at close range
Automatic Pilot 1t 1260C This is essential to flying in space, unless you like flying past or into things
Extra Passenger Cabin 5t 1350C Essential for those high paying transport missions, You need a 7 of these if you want to take any mission
Hyperspace Cloud Analyser 1t 1575C The thing to have if you are an Assassin, Used to follow people through space
Shield Generator 4t 2250C If you are a trader have 1 to stop scraping your paint entering a starbase, if you are a fighter it is usually a comprimise between cargo space and shields
5MW Pulse Laser 3t 2700C I dont like pulse lasers, too hard to aim, Try and go for a beam laser Although it is good on ships of smaller size.
Fuel Scoop 6t 3150C Handy for those trips into deep space or when you need fuel and there are no starports
Cargo Scoop Conversion 2t 3600C Converts the fuel scoop into a cargo scoop as well (Needs Fuel Scoop fitted)
Interplanetary Drive 4t 4500C Pretty Useless, I can't think of a good reason to have this. Unless you want to mine.
MB4 Mining Machine 30t 5850C Umm I don't use these much, but I spose they are quite good, not really as money making as trading
1MW Beam Laser 5t 6300C The basic weapon to have if you want to be a threat
Class 1 Hyperdrive 10 t 7200C The 50cc engine of the space world, runs on the smell of an oily rag, but as in life you wouldnt fit a 50cc engine to a truck, Uses Hydrogen
Class 2 Hyperdrive 25t 13500C An good fighter engine, cheap and longish range
Class 3 Hyperdrive 45t 27000C The small traders / big fighters engine
Class 4/5/6/7 Hyperdrive 80-400t 54000-432000 Only traders and the highest of fighters own these engines (Class 8 Hyperdrive are pre-fit and cannot be bought or sold unless they turn to rubbish)
Class 1/2/3 Military Drive 6-24t 2250-90000C These Hyperdrives have the bonus of smaller size but the disadvantage of expensive (Military) fuel and causing radioactives after each jump, ideal for small fighters because of their size
Tractor Beam Cargo Scoop 1t 8550C Used to pick up cargo floating in space, Very useful and profitable for a small outlay of cargo space. (although they cost lots more then a cargo scoop conversion)
Energy Booster Unit 5t 9900C This increases your shield performance, handy if you have the space, and vital in the more seedy areas of space
30MW Mining Laser 10t 10800C Good for mining asteroids (I assume because I have yet to find one on purpose) useless for everything else
4MW Beam Laser 20t 11700C A good compromise between power and cargo space but this laser can be a bit underpowered against larger ships
Naval ECM System 2t 13500 Better then a traditional ECM system but not perfect, the better buy as it is also the same size but way more expensive
20MW Beam Laser 75t 22500 The Upper Middle for lasers, a good turret weapon on larger ships
Hull Auto-Repair System 40t 15750C A very handy thing to have before entering a seedy area of space, pays for itself many times over. Larger ships need only apply.
Energy Bomb 4t 17100C The last measure in a dogfight, too expensive to use often
Escape Capsule 5t 18000C An even more last measure then a energy bomb, I always feel guilty about fitting one for me so I can abandon my 11 crew later
100MW Beam Laser 200t 54000C The biggest laser you really need. Better power to cargo space ratio then the 20MW beam laser, heats up pretty fast though.
Small Particle Accelerator 500t 270000C The only advantage of particle accelerator is it does not overheat as quickly as a laser but it takes up a huge amount of cargo space.
Large Particle Accelerator 900t 540000C This is even worse then the small particle accelerator, the only reason I brought this was to see if I could destroy a starbase, (Which you cant) I see this as a huge waste of space but thats just my opinion