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I havent updated my links for ages because i have been away from the Elite scene for a while, if a page goes down or your want to add your page mail me at


GalNET Terminal GalNET provides a network of Elite links.


FFE/FE2 Links

FFE Links
Name Description
Jades FFE Site One of the best FFE sites there are, A lot of various downloads
Hacking FFE Some Info on Hacking FFE (duh) Some interesting ships
Case's Frontier: First Encounters Page Interesting Site with walkthroughs and downloads
Zat Solo's FFE Page Lots of links, go here for FFE and FE2 links.
Schwempa's Frontier: First Encounters Page Hacked ships / text files to download.
Another FFE Page Quirky info on FFE and FE2, Trade Routes and other info
Frontier Elite II Main Page (By Mic Healey) General FE2 page
Frontier Unofficial Homepage Links and other info
Frontier (by O. Schembri) General FE2 page
Life on the Frontier - Elite 4 Elite 4 News and info
Jades' Elite Four Page Elite 4 News and info
More to come  


Elite Links

Ian Bell's Page Ian Bell is giving away the old versions of Elite on almost all platforms, when/if this site reopens I will provide the correct link
Acorn Elite Pages Some pics, and downloads.


Non-Elite Elite Links

The Elite Project The team making a single player sequel to Elite
Galileo Project The team making a multi player game based on Elite faq A must if you post in a.f.e, lots of plain Eite info as well
Classified Information Federal Shipyards Cool Ship Designs
More to Come  



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