Things back in the days of The Original Elite technology was much simpler
Elite Equipment List
Name Size Average Cost Comments
Homing Missle 0t C The only missile you can buy takes up no space (how it should be) and is rather efective
Cargo Bay Expansion 0t C This is one of the first things any self respecting trader should get. It expands cargo space from 22t to 36t
Pulse Laser 0t C The first weapon you get, is good in Elite but as technology progressed becomes less and less efective and is now near useless in FFE
ECM System 0t C Works on all missiles all the time, because then all missiles were crappy. We can thank the Thargoids for this.
Automatic Dock 0t C Handy, but takes the fun out of docking. Any good pilot should know how to dock without it
Shield Generator 0t C Comes as part of the ship. Rather efective because there is one for both front and aft.
Mining Laser 0t C This is almost as good as a Military laser but much cheaper, needs a fuel scoop
Fuel Scoop 0t C Dont leave home without it. In Elite there is much less reliance on space stations for supplies and this is an essential component.
Beam Laser 0t C Much better then a pulse laser but now days is less effective, despite this it has weathered the test of time
Hyperdrive 0 t C The there is only one type and it is not all that great, but you have to remember this is back in the old days of space flight when things were much simpler
Galactic Hyperdrive     Can only be used once, totally removed from FFE
Energy Booster Unit 0t C This increases your shield performance, essential when dealing with Thargoids, and vital in the more seedy areas of space
Military Laser 0t C Rather expensive and only a little better then a Mining Laser
Energy Bomb 0t C The last measure in a dogfight, too expensive to use often. Much more effective then in FFE due to the crappyness of defence technology then.
Escape Capsule 0t C Guilt free (cause of no crew). You should not have to use this if you are good