Ships Reviewed and Examined

Ships Reviewed and Examined
Name Classification Thumbnail
Adder Small Trader/Fighter

Anaconda Medium Trader

Asp Explorer Medium Fighter

Boa Freighter Large Trader

Cobra Mk 1 Small Fighter/Trader

Cobra Mk 3 Small Fighter/Trader

Constrictor Medium Small Trader/Fighter

Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 1 Small Fighter

Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 2 Small Fighter

Eagle Long Range Fighter Mk 3 Small Fighter

Falcon Small Fighter

Gecko Small Fighter/Trader

Griffin Large Trader

Gyr Medium Fighter

Harris Fighter Medium Fighter

Harrier Medium Fighter

Hawk Airfighter Small Fighter

Imperial Courier Large Fighter/ Medium Trader

Imperial Explorer Large Trader/Pirate Ship

Imperial Trader Medium Large Trader

Interplanetary Shuttle Self Transport Ship

Kestrel Airfighter Small Fighter

Krait Small Fighter

Lanner Medium Fighter/Trader

Lanner 2 Medium Fighter/Trader

Lifter Small Trader

Lion Medium Trader

Mantis Large Trader

Merlin Small Fighter

Moray 'Starboat' Small Fighter/Trader

Osprey Attack Fighter Small Fighter

Osprey X Small Fighter

Panther Clipper Large Trader

Puma Shuttle Large Trader

Python Medium Trader

Saker Mk 3 Small Fighter

Sidewinder Small Fighter

Skeet Medium/Large Trader

Spar Medium Fighter

Tiercel Medium Fighter

Tiger Trader Medium Trader

Transporter Small / Medium Trader

Viper Defence Craft Small Fighter

Viper 2 Small Fighter

Wyvern Medium Trader/Large Fighter


Special Ships

Argents Quest Explorer/Large Fighter

Thargoid Thargoid Warship

StowMaster Fighter Escape Capsule


Unplayable / Secret Ships

Lynx Bulk Carrier Freighter

Long Range Cruiser Freighter

? Thargoid ???

? Thargoid ???

? Thargoid ???

? Thargon ???

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