Whats New on Kelpie's FFE Page

12 June 2003

Added basic training tutorials, updated mining page, anti-spam botted my email addresses, some basic spelling mistakes corrected etc

30 October 2000

Added another station sub-type to Stations and Stars and Planets has been updated. (Thanks to Francis Lauer for telling me about the new station)

26 June 2000

Added Stars and Planets Review, along with space station review and lot of other minor things

30th September

Fixed missing Ship Variations

28th September

Lots of cosmetic and minor changes. I am trying to totally remove all files linking to Geocities, which means faster speed for you. Asteroid page updated, along with mining and some others. I also will be updating the ship reviews soon.

25 August 1999

Fixed the FFE Patch link, Space stations finished, Working on planet guide

Updated the Stations page, One more starbase comming soon hopefully


24 December 1998

Thargoid page and Almost all the Ship reviews, Asteroid page and a zillion others

Friday 24 July

New ISP, Overhaul soon, made my page more scroll friendly

Sunday 28 December 1997:

Just uploaded the page to geocities havent told anyone yet, most links dont work soon to be fixed.

Later on that night.

Added Guest Book . And About me page. I also added some temp files so you dont get that stupid "oops cant find that

file message". Also changed the title graphic to look cooler.

Monday 29 December

Links Page is up. And Ship Reviews are Partially up. Added Elite to download. Added "Vote for your Ship"

Tuesday 30 December

Will be adding ship Variation page. Will be adding Quest for the Elusive Asteroid Page. Fixed the Equipment page problem (linking to my HD for the background)

Wednesday 1 January

Changed the shipreviews page to my own layout. Will be going away for about a week so no updates till then.

Saturday 10 January

Added "Quest for Asteroid page" Added some other stuff. Updated my vote page

15 January

Adder Links Page, Asteroid Savegame. Asteroid Pics, Removed Louis from guestbook as he is not and never will be welcome as a guest at my site.

21 January

Updated links, Added "The Elite Ring page"

29 January

Added Bugs page, general editing etc

Feb 5

Updated main page for easier viewing. Wow 9 TER members, Scanned in my original reference card will be adding it
to a page soon, Updated the TER page and added membership site editing to main page.

Feb 14

Added TER News and some other stuff. 11 TER Sites Wow

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