This is my humble downloads page, not too much here really just a few handy things

To download the versions of Elite just go to Ian Bell's page which is on the Links Page (SORRY BUT IANS PAGE IS CLOSED) (2kb) Is Elite + too fast? This is the program I use to slow it down. It is called SPEED BRAKE and has some advantages over AT-Slow found at Ian Bells site. It is free (so wont run out after 5 min), small, and easy to use. How can you go wrong? (94kb) Hey you might be thinking "What the hell has this got to do with Elite?" Well quite a lot actually, this is basically a 286 version of the "Galileo Project" It has the flight engine of the original Elite, and you fly a Cobra Mv III (although it is called a Cobra Mk IV) The sound effects are crappy. But the best part is it is two player. Ive played it and it is pretty cool for a old program. (You may have to change the Framerate settings for it to run properly, look under
"War Settings")

Download the Frontier First Encounter patch right here PATCH FOR FFE (758kb)

Dark Wheel Novella The Elite novel, as (WAS) on Ian Bell's Site

Original Ship Reference Card (140kb)An image of the Reference Card that came with the BBC Elite, Has Pictures of the Fer-de-lance and Mamba.

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