About Me

I am an 19 year old male studying (among other things) Computer Science. I first started playing Elite on my 286 about 10 years ago.

In case you wondered, this is a "Kelpie" It is a monster type thing from Scottish Mythology that hides itself by Lochs disquised as a horse, apparently it is also a breed of sheepdog but I didn't know that until long after I selected the nickname.


New Zealand has 3.7 Million people and 140 million sheep (Hey no sheep jokes)

Hamilton my home city has 180,000 people.

Hamilton is the home of the first cloned cow.

New Zealand has the highest computer to head ratio in the world.

Usually I live out in the country but I also come and live in town too.

My real name is Tony Thomas. (You should have guessed this from my Emails I have sent most of you)

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