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Apart from playing FFE I enjoy making Duke 3d and Red Alert maps. Saddly my hard drive is almost filled so I havent been buying any games of late.

Here are some links:

I also do a little programming, here is a program I made in one afternoon Download Calculator, Dont know how long somthing big is going to take to download, well use the download calculator and get an Idea 29kb REMAG stands for Random E-Mail Address Generator, It is pretty useless but sorta fun, some have used it for spambot bait. 26kb REMAG for Windows it is actually smaller then the DOS version. The 30x faster then the original release. Copies E-mails to clipboard.

Here are my favourite Duke Nukem 3D maps of my own creation.

Map Name Description Size Egyption Tomb, Complete with switch operated traps, Pyramid and other cool things. (I have updated this due to a possible problem in multiplay). 17kb A map of the main area of my home city Hamilton. Quite large and better with more then 2 players

This map was a learning map for me, I still cringe when I walk into that area of town and see all the things I left out from this map.

94kb River Henge, I consider this one of my best maps, Needs a grunty computer to handle some of the visuals (P90 and up recommended) 66kb River Henge Special Edition, This is identical to Riverhenge but with custom artwork that gives it more of a Medevial Castle feel to it which was what I intended. Originally intended only for friends and family, but since your all so nice I thought you deserve it. :-) 500kb PRE RELEASE of my latest map. Hamiltons Fraser High School. WITH PRELIMINARY WEAPONS, and some other junk (This means you Jaff)! Also Improved framerate in the main courtyard area (cause my machine is crap).


Last Update: - Decemberish
Please mail with your comments/suggestions.

>45kb The artwork I use to make both the HFHS map and River Henge Special Edition. Has much better trees then Duke3d's default artwork. 447kb

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