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Last Updated: 4 April 2005

I havent been updating this page as much as I would like but I am still part of the Elite universe.

Here are a few links to some recent developments in the Elite/Frontier world:

Darkness Falls this is a recently released project by Christian Pinder and Ian Bell (one of the original Elite creators). Still in an early stage but worth a look.

JJFFE Central which has an executable that allows you to play in windows and also fixes a number of bugs.

Anisotropic has released an awesome mod for Frontier First Encounters, if you havent already got it do so now!

You can download the original ELITE from Ian Bell's site (



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FFE (or Frontier First Encounters) is a 3D space trading game, which is the latest in the Elite series. It was released with a huge number of bugs, the game was recalled from the shops after many patches and it ruined GameTek's reputation (Well I think so), FFE was created by David Braben without the help of Ian Bell (Co-Creator of the original Elite). FFE is still a very good game and has of yet not been surpassed in terms of realism and atmosphere.

What's new on Kelpie's' FFE Site??
The last thing to be updated

Original Elite
Well this is Kelpie's FFE "AND Elite" page

Otherwise known as undocumented features

Guide to mining Asteroids, Planets & Stars

Ship Equipment 
The things you need if you want to survive in the FFE world!

Ship Reviews
A guide to ships

Ship Variations
Ships Vary just like people except less.  Way less actually.

We have hard proof of the existance of all types asteroids with savegame. All we need now is gems

Files for you to download surprisingly enough

The Thargoids 
Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask

Space Stations & Bases
A comprehensive review of Space Stations and bases

PriacyPiracy Image
How to make a living off the pain and sorrow of others. Sounds like fun!

Stars & PlanetsStars and Planets
Stars and Planets reviewed.

Basic Pilot tutorials
If your new to FFE then these can help you.

Links to other Elite sites

My other non Elite page
Download some non Elite Stuff
About Me
Im not really half-horse you know, well not all the time at least
Order of Elite Award


ALSO MY ICQ# is 14938407 if you want to contact me that way, I will try to answer any questions.

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